About Delight Supported Living

With offices based in Kirkintilloch, Morecambe and Letchworth we are committed to providing short and long-term care and support to adults across Scotland and England.

Our highly qualified, experienced and professional Senior Management Team have a comprehensive combination of skills to offer outstanding support to our service users, contractors and staff. Their background combines Nursing, Care Management Work and Business Management.

We recognise that your or your loved one's well-being is of the highest importance. As a result we make it a priority to meet and exceed your expectations.

At DSL, we believe that maintaining and/or improving your  independence and well-being is fundamental to your care and support.
We also believe that this can only be achieved through dedicated, compassionate and enthusiastic staff with outstanding training and professionalism.

Our Support Workers

In order to deliver the highest quality home care service, our staff receive comprehensive and rigorous training, both when they first join us and regularly thereafter. Our regular in-service staff training is over and above industry standards in that it includes additional specialist training geared to meeting specific support needs.

All our staff are appraised annually and receive six weekly supervision sessions to ensure our high standards are maintained and that you receive the best care support possible.

The combination of training and development means that our care workers are knowledgeable and experienced in meeting your varying needs sensitively and professionally and with the utmost compassion and respect.

We endeavor to match each service user with the support worker(s) that best suits them, making use of individual support workers’ skills and experience. Once a good match is achieved, we aim to keep the support workers with you for as long as you are happy with them.

Staff at Delight Supported Living will work with you to design a support plan tailored to you and your resources, helping you to make the key decisions about the services you receive so that you always stay in control. As and when your needs change, we will assist you and your support worker to adapt and develop your support plan to meet your changing requirements.

Regular care plan reviews ensure that our services continue to meet any changes in your needs or your budget. Where we cannot meet all your needs, we work closely with other professionals and organisations to ensure you receive the appropriate extra support.