Social Services and the Department of Health have launched a nationwide initiative, known as Direct Payments. This scheme gives money to individual service users who have been assessed as needing care at home. This allows individuals to choose their own service provider as an alternative to care organised by the Local Authority.

At DSL we welcome the opportunity to assist our service users in any way we can. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on Direct Payments and how to source them.

Some of our service users qualify for full or part-funding of their care through their local Social Work department.

Many people worry about how to fund their home care. Whether you choose to pay privately or via Direct Payments, we will work with you to find the care package that best suit you, your circumstances and your personal finances. For greater ease, we will set up a direct debit and send you regular statements of account so that you can see you are investing your money wisely.


Please contact us to discuss your options further.

0203 876 7722